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Thank you for taking the time to see our film! We hope you enjoyed it and learned something new. Never heard of us? Read about The Black Fish here

After viewing, you might think ‘it can’t be all that bad’. We invite you to check the facts yourself. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please get in touch through media@theblackfish.org

So: what should we do about such serious problems? Well, there’s a lot that you can do, either on your own, with us or with other organisations. If you like our approach, then join us, or make a donation: marine activism is a vital, yet very costly form of activism. Our plans for the coming years are ambitious, so it will be great to have you on board.

Finally, a big thank you goes out to the creative film team, that have fully sponsored this film.


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Check the facts


This is a news item image“90% of all large fish have disappeared since 1950s”

The amount of large predatory fish in the world’s ocean is today only about 10% of what the population levels were before large scale industrial fishing techniques were introduced in the 1950s. Check the source


This is a news item image“40% of sea life caught is discarded as waste”

It is estimated that 38.5 million tonnes of sea life that is caught annually, also known as ‘bycatch’, is discarded as waste, representing approximately 40 percent of the estimated global annual catch. Check the source


This is a news item image“The oceans will be empty by 2048”

Loss of ocean biodiversity is accelerating, with 29 percent of seafood species humans consume already crashed. If overfishing continues, in 35 years there will be little or no seafood available as fish populations and eco-systems are under increased threat. Check the source


What we are doing about it