Lots of support for our efforts in Taiji

September 30, 2010, 13:17, by Wietse van der Werf

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Since our action in Taiji, Japan, where divers cut the nets of six holding pens to allow dolphins to escape, we have received lots of support for our efforts from people around the world. It is very hopeful to see that many want the end of this senseless dolphin slaughter and the affiliated captivity trade. After their safe return to Europe, the divers of The Black Fish who operated in Taiji this week, responded to some claims that their action might not have been successful.

"We think the Japanese police is just trying to play down our efforts and the results of our action to protect the fishermen. It is pretty clear that this is just another attempt to get the international attention away from Taiji. During our intense surveillance in Taiji, we observed the scene of the sea pens and witnessed 18 dolphins were held in the pens, a lot more than some sources state were removed the day after. We seriously doubt that no animal would have found their way out of misery, despite the open nets."

Dolphins at Yokohama Sea Paradise where some of the dolphins caught at Taiji have ended up

Dolphins at Yokohama Sea Paradise where some of the dolphins caught at Taiji have ended up

by LaPrimaDonna

Fortunately we are not the only ones taking action for the dolphins. Sea Shepherd is doing important work in Taiji, trying to get the world's attention drawn to the slaughter by guarding at the cove and reporting what happens there throughout the killing season. Ric O'Barry is working on changing the hearts and minds of the Japanese public with his organisation Save Japan Dolphins by moving away from Taiji and into the bigger cities. Many other organisations around the world work to end these killings and the affiliated dolphinarium trade. With your support we will continue to work alongside them to put a stop to this cruel industry, in Europe and beyond.