media coverage

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11.02.15 ‘MSC responds to allegations of illegal fishing in nephrods fishery’, FIS (article)

10.02.15 ‘Illegal fishing in MSC certified fishery denounced’, FIS (article)

‘Illegal Swedish fishery is certified sustainable’

This is a news item imageThe Ecologist, February 6 2015

Trawlers in an MSC-certified ‘sustainable’ lobster fishery producing have been caught in the act of using illegally modified nets to target valuable cod. The MSC has been notified but refuses to act, so the lobsters still carry the label. Read more

30.12.14 ‘Gone fishing by hook or by crook’, Asia One, Singapore (article)

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22.07.14 ‘Volunteer inspections to build evidence against illegal fishing’, Fish2Fork, UK (article)

‘Citizen Inspector Network Launched to End Illegal Fishing’

This is a news item imageOne World One Ocean, June 25 2014

The team at The Black Fish is focused on ending this illegal and destructive fishing. You might have heard of this non-profit marine conservation organization, which is based in Amsterdam. Of course, awareness is just the first step. The Black Fish is now launching the Citizen Inspector Network, which harnesses the power of the public to monitor fisheries activity, and to address the problem of a shortage of inspectors in Europe. Read more

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22.12.13 ‘The 20 Most Powerful Storytelling Videos of 2013’,, US (article)

‘Wietse van der Werf of The Black Fish on London Real’

This is a news item imageLondon Real, November 17 2013

Wietse van der Werf is the founder and International Director of The Black Fish, an international marine conservation movement on a mission to end the industrial overfishing of our oceans by exposing and challenging illegal and destructive fishing practices. London Real speaks to Wietse about illegal overfishing, activism and The Black Fish approach. Watch the full interview


08.10.13 ‘Losing Nemo – Empty Oceans by 2048?’, Suzy Walker, UK (article)

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09.09.13 ‘Järjestöaktiivit taistelevat Itämeren liikakalastusta vastaan’, Turun Sanomat, FI (article)

‘Activists Are Trying to Save the World’s Fish from Mafia Bastards’

This is a news item imageVice Magazine, August 17 2013

Posing as beachtowelled holidaymakers, Wietse and his undercover crews normally go un-noticed until their little ‘bot is buzzing above a bunch of pissed off fishermen. In other spots, like Libya and Tunisia, drones tend not to go down so well, so the Black Fish use hidden cameras and a tourists’ blank expression to wander around ports with impunity. The group is still analysing their videos and pictures from this year, but have already spotted several “blacklisted” vessels, each tied to illegal fishing in the past. Read More


31.07.13 ‘The Reel: Losing Nemo’, One World One Ocean, US (article)

09.07.13 ‘Losing Nemo: The Black Fish luidt de alarmbel’, One World, NL (article)

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03.07.13 ‘Losing Nemo: Short animation about industrial overfishing’, Treehugger, US (article)

‘Losing Nemo Film Takes Aim at Overfishing – But Does it Go Too Far?’

This is a news item imageNational Geographic, August 1 2013

Clearly, “Losing Nemo” has a bone to pick with overfishing, and the video tries to tug at the heart strings by showing a threatening captain of a big factory fishing boat, plowing through dark and stormy waters. A scene that links a fish caught in a giant net to a dinner table is clearly meant to make people think about the impacts of their own daily choices. Read More


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23.05.13 ‘Monitoring the Seas for Illegal Fishing’, The Dive Site, SA (article)

08.05.13 ‘The Black Fish Interview’, Typewriter Distro, NL (article)

‘Fish – The Next Fight’

This is a news item imageBBC Radio 4, April 23 2013

Tom Heap meets the activists hoping to bring an end to illegal fishing by tackling the problem head on: by getting in the way of pirate fishermen. The Black Fish is a relatively new organisation who aim to stop the fishing of juvenile bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean and prevent to use of illegal driftnets. Driftnets were banned by the United Nations in 1992 but they are still used. The Black Fish are soon to launch unmanned reconnaissance aircraft in the Mediterranean to monitor illegal fishing and find out exactly who is doing it and where. Listen Now


22.04.13 ‘Activist 2.0 – 3 min Trailer’, Eco-Warrior Productions, CA (video)

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18.12.12 ‘Johannes losgetrokken van zandplaat, Hart van Nederland, NL (article)

17.12.12 ‘Roep om protocol walvisstrandingen, Hart van Nederland, NL (article)

17.12.12 ‘Belang van dier moet voortaan voorop staan, Gezondsheidkrant, NL (article)

17.12.12 ‘Organisaties pleiten voor andere aanpak gestrande dieren, NRC, NL (article)

17.12.12 ‘Andere aanpak strandingen bepleit, Nederlands Dagblad, NL (article)

‘Andere aanpak strandingen bepleit’

This is a news item imageNederlands Dagblad, December 17 2012

Nu het is mislukt om de woensdag bij Texel gestrande bultrug te redden moet er een plan van aanpak komen voor toekomstige strandingen. Bij een gestrande walvis moet het voornaamste doel zijn het dier terug naar zee te krijgen. De overheid moet zorgen dat andere partijen zich meer op de achtergrond houden, stellen Zeehondencrèche Lenie ‘t Hart, Sea Shepherd en The Black Fish maandag in een verklaring. Read more


17.12.12 ‘Burgemeester Texel woedend op Lenie ‘t Hart, Algemeen Dagblad, NL (article)

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25.08.12 ‘«Μαύρα Ψάρια», οι αντάρτες των θαλασσών’, Ta Nea, GR (article)

‘Black Fish Group to Spark New Wave of Sea Activism’

This is a news item imageGreener Ideas, August 20 2012

A new face is emerging in sea activism. Calling themselves the Black Fish, a name based off the fisherman’s slang for illegally caught seafood, the group is intent on making a political impact on the European fishing industry. Read more


24.08.12 ‘Zeepolitie Black Fish’, De Gids FM, Radio 1, NL (audio)

23.08.12 ‘Mener des combats moins populaires que le thon rouge’, MarcActu, FR

22.08.12 ‘Black Fish Hopes to Save Bluefin Tuna’, Audubon Magazine, US (article)

22.08.12 ‘Featured Slider: The Black Fish’, Kayakero, IT (article)

20.08.12 ‘Black Fish Group to Spark New Wave of Sea Activism’, Greener Ideas, CA (article)

18.08.12 ‘High-Seas Guerrillas to Confront Illegal Bluefin Tuna Fishing’, (article)

‘Black Fish vows to confront illegal tuna fishing in Mediterranean’

This is a news item imageThe Guardian, August 18 2012

They are currently a small emergent group of volunteer activists committed to direct action on the seas. But by the end of the year, if meticulous planning pays off, the Black Fish could be making headlines with the launch of a guerrilla-style campaign against illegal fishing in European waters. Read more


01.08.12 ‘Il Pesce Nero Si Prepara a Entrare In Azione’, Com’è Magazine, IT (article)

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14.07.12 ‘Noćna akcija eko-aktivista: Uništili kaveze i oslobodili stotine tuna, Index, HR (article)

‘Heroes are putting their lives on the line in the fight to save tuna’

This is a news item imageThe Guardian, July 13 2012

One of the purposes of government is to protect public goods threatened by the self-interest of unscrupulous people or corporations. But what happens when governments fail? When they are either unwilling or unable to protect something valued by the many from the depredations of the few? What do you do, for example, to defend the bluefin tuna? Read more


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‘Time To Act On The Curtains Of Death’

This is a news item imageAfrican Diver, April 1 2012

What our oceans need more than anything is a broad public movement to fight for its survival. Movement building requires grassroots organising, cooperation between organisations and the involvement of people from all parts of society – beyond the standard options of signing up for membership or being advised on ‘ethical’ consumer choices. There are thousands of people interested in the issues of ocean conservation, yet what truly lacks is an accessible network for ordinary people to get involved in. This is where The Black Fish aims to step in. Read more (PDF)


23.03.12 ‘Tegen Overbevissing’, Zilt Magazine, NL (article)

03.03.12 ‘The Black Fish – Joining the fight for the oceans’, Earth First! Journal, US (article)

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31.01.12 ‘De vergeten walvisslacht in de Middellandse Zee’, Piep Vandaag, NL (article)

12.10.11 ‘Dutch govt orders whale transfer to Spanish zoo’, Associated Press, UK (article)

‘Dutch govt orders whale transfer to Spanish zoo’

This is a news item imageAssociated Press, October 12 2011

Morgan, a 4-year-old killer whale, has lost her bid for freedom. Agriculture Secretary Henk Bleker ruled Wednesday that the orca, rescued last year ailing and emaciated from the Wadden Sea off the northern Dutch coast, should be transferred to an amusement park on the Spanish island of Tenerife. Conservationists said they would continue trying to block the transfer, first through legislative action and more legal appeals, and then physically if necessary. “If all else fails, then we will take stark action to physically stop the deportation,” said spokesman Wietse van der Werf. Read more


20.09.11 ‘Laat zo’n dwaalgast rustig sterven’, Radio 1, NL (video)

18.09.11 ‘Op de bres voor het bedreigde zeeleven’, Amsterdam Enjoy Magazine, NL (article)

02.09.11 ‘Milieuorganisaties fuseren voor bescherming blauwvintonijn’, Vroege Vogels, NL (article)

01.09.11 ‘Orcafamilie vinden via geluidsopname’, De Stentor, NL

01.09.11 ‘Orka morgen misschien snel terug naar familie’, De Heer Ontwaakt, Radio 2, NL (audio)

05.08.11 In debat over Orka Morgan, Vrijdagmiddag Live, Avro Radio 1, NL (audio)

03.08.11 ‘Spanje moet het zonder Orka Morgan doen’, BNR Nieuwsradio, NL (audio)

03.08.11 ‘Orka blijft voorlopig in Harderwijk’, NOS, NL (video)

03.08.11 ‘Kort geding rondom orka Morgan’, De Heer Ontwaakt, Radio 2, NL (audio)

02.08.11 Interview over orka Morgan met Gijs Staverman, Q Music, NL

01.08.11 ‘The Black Fish – Actie op Europese zeeën’, Duik Magazine, NL (article pdf)

‘The Black Fish – Actie op Europese zeeën’

This is a news item imageDuik Magazine, August 1 2011

De zeeën en hun bewoners zijn sterk bedreigd, als we de cijfers mogen geloven. Over de hele wereld zetten vrijwilligers zich in om dit leed te bestrijden. Iedere editie belicht DuikMagazine een van deze organisaties. Deze keer spreken we met Wietse van der Werf, mede-oprichter van The Black Fish. Read more (PDF)


30.07.11 ‘De handel in orka’s is nog levensecht’,, NL (artikel)

27.07.11 ‘Verhuizing Orca Morgan naar Tenerife voor de rechter’, Een Vandaag, NL (video)

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20.04.11 ‘Orka’s mooglik famylje Morgan’, Omrop Fryslân, NL (audio)

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18.04.11 ‘Orka’s gespot in de Noordzee mogelijk familie Morgan’, Radio Gelderland, NL

31.03.11 ‘The Black Fish Campaign For Direct Action Boat’, Global Animal, US

23.02.11 ’11th Hour Strikes: Saving Bluefin Tuna From Extinction’, Huffington Post, US (article)

10.02.11 ‘Orka Morgan moet naar de Oosterschelde’, Algemeen Dagblad, NL

15.12.10 ‘Op de bres voor het zeeleven’, Xpres, NL (article)

‘Op de bres voor het zeeleven’

This is a news item imageXpres, December 15 2010

De alarmerende situatie rond het aftakelen van onze zeeën en de bedreigingen voor het zeeleven in Europa heeft een groep activisten doen besluiten actie te ondernemen en het initiatief te nemen voor een nieuwe organisatie: The Black Fish. Ze zijn niet nieuw in dit werkgebied. Allen werkten als bemanningsleden op de schepen van de Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of waren actief in lokale Greenpeace groepen. In de zomer van 2010 besloten ze om het roer om te gooien. Read more


01.12.10 ‘The Black Fish: in actie voor het zeeleven’, Change Magazine, NL (article)

24.10.10 ‘Free Morgan reportage’, Vroege Vogels, NL (audio)

21.10.10 ‘Aandacht voor Morgan’, Twee Dingen, Omroep Max, NL (audio)

20.10.10 ‘De toekomst van orka Morgan’, Een Vandaag, NL (video)

09.10.10 ‘Delfine verlassen bis Ende 2012 den Allwetterzoo’, Münster Zeitung, DE (article)

07.10.10 ‘Les enfants du Captain’, Le Point, FR (article)

02.10.10 ‘Interview With The Black Fish Co-Founder’, Global Animal, US (article + video)

01.10.10 ‘Japan Realtime: Cut Dolphin Nets’, Wall Street Journal, US (article)

30.09.10 ‘Does Cutting Nets Free Captive Dolphins?’, Huffington Post, US (article)

29.09.10 ‘Blackfish? Commentary by Captain Paul Watson’, Sea Shepherd, US (article)

29.09.10 ‘Strijden tegen bloed in het water’, de Volkskrant, NL (article)

‘Strijden tegen bloed in het water’

This is a news item imageVolkskrant, September 29 2010

Wietse van der Werf (27) voerde de afgelopen jaren actie tegen walvisvaarders en tonijnvissers met de radicale natuurorganisatie Sea Shepherd. Voor ‘daadkrachtige operaties’ in Europese wateren richtte hij onlangs The Black Fish op. Maandagnacht bevrijdden twee vrijwilligers van The Black Fish een groep dolfijnen in de Japanse Taiji-baai. Read more


29.09.10 ‘Dolphins escape as nets are cut during Japan’s annual hunt’, France 24, FR

29.09.10 ‘Mission Free Flipper Accomplished!’,, US

28.09.10 ‘Conservation Group Cuts Nets In Taiji’, Ecorazzi, US (article)

28.09.10 ‘Black Fish’ Ocean Activists Free Cove Dolphins’,, US (article)