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  • True dedication for the oceans Last month Mitso Kehayioglou and Loukas Pratilas, two of our most dedicated supporters, finished an epic sponsor run for The Black Fish and raised a total of € 920 for ... Read more
  • Urgent appeal for orca Morgan The campaign for the release of orca Morgan is urgently in need of funds to cover legal fees. The Black Fish and other organisations secured a victory in court but ... Read more
  • Travelling dolphin circuses: time to end the cruelty Indonesia is home to the world’s last remaining travelling dolphin circuses. Over 72 bottlenose and stenella dolphins are kept in the most appalling of conditions to preform for audiences across ... Read more
  • Our new magazine is out! The new issue of The Black Fish Magazine has just come hot off the press. The exclusive interview about an investigation into destructive fisheries, an overview of the campaign to ... Read more
  • Support our runners in their epic 1,600 km run Our dedicated supporters Mitso Kehayioglou and Louka Pratilas are about to attempt that has never been done before: to complete the formidable Greek section of the European E4 mountain path, ... Read more