Baltic Sea tour in full swing

The Black Fish is currently on tour, speaking at free, public events in eight countries bordering the Baltic Sea. Calling for action on the protection of this fargile sea, Baltic Coordinator Emma Källqvist is circumnavigating the entire sea in six weeks. As our work in The Black Fish expands into the Baltic Sea, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to build our movement in the Baltic region.

We know there is a lot of interest in what we’re doing and we also know that the people in the region are passionate about protecting their ocean. We’ve been visiting Baltic countries to talk about the problems facing their seas and about the investigations we’ve already started there.

If you love the oceans, particuallry the Baltic, please come along, learn about the problems facing The Baltic Sea, our work on how to deal with these issues and how you can be personally involved in protecting them through our volunteer and Citizen Inspector programme.

The Baltic tour is in full swing already. We’ve had some great events in Finland and Estonia and still have Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Sweden to visit before the end of the October. There are specific language events for each talk on Facebook, so please add yourself if you’re interested in going to any of the events. The talks will all be in English, with the exception of the Swedish dates which will be in Swedish.

The full remaining dates are:

Saturday 27th September: Riga, Latvia – Skolad iela 15, Riag, LC 1010.
13:00 pm. FB event:

Sunday 28th September: Vilnius, Lithuania – Mediateka (Vilniaus g. 39,
II auks(tas). 13:00pm. FB event:

Tuesday 30th September: Gdansk, Poland – Starter, 80-386 Gdansk, ul.
Leborska 3b. 18:30pm. FB event:

Tuesday 7th October: Berlin, Germany – Europsiches Theaterinsitut e.v,
Shauspieslschule Berlin, Rungstr 20, 10179. 18:30pm FB event:

Friday 10th October: Hamburg, Germany – GWA St.Pauli e.V.
Hein-Köllisch-Platz 11 + 12 20359. 19:00pm. FB event:

Wednesday 22nd October: Malmö, Sweden – Stora Salen på Studiefrämjandet,
Ystadsgatan 53C. 18:30pm. FB event:

Monday 27th October: Göteborg, Sweden – Galleriet på Allégården, Södra
Allégatan 4. 18:30pm. FB event:

Friday 29th October: Stockholm, Sweden – Medborgarskolan Rum 301,
Hagagatan 23. 18:30pm. FB event:

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