Citizen Inspector training – photos

In April and May 2015 The Black Fish ran its first public Citizen Inspector trainings in Germany and the UK. Over the course of four days trainees would learn about anything from laws on fishing to fish identification, vessel and fishing gear monitoring to first aid and evidence collecting. The Black Fish runs multiple training courses a year. Interested to become a Citizen Inspector yourself? Learn what’s involved and apply!

The following photo report is brought to you by photographers Alan Lodge and Kukka Ranta


Citizen Inspectors working out their route during a port inspection. Photo by Kukka Ranta.


The Citizen Inspector training curriculum, containing all the knowledge that the trainees absorb during their four day training. Photo by Alan Lodge.


Matty Mitford of The Black Fish delivers the first aid part of the training. Photo by Kukka Ranta.


Trainee inspectors practice CPR on fellow participants. Photo by Kukka Ranta.

Discussing the investigative strategy while on the road. Photo by Alan Lodge.


Wietse van der Werf of The Black Fish runs trainee inspectors through an inspection exercise in a North German fishing port. The all-day exercise typically takes place on the third day of the training course. Photo by Kukka Ranta.


Working out the lay of the land around a fishing port. Photo by Kukka Ranta.


Citizen Inspectors enjoying lunch in a British fishing port. Photo by Alan Lodge.


Observing fish landings is all part of the inspection process, keeping an eye on what comes off fishing vessels and on to shore. Photo by Kukka Ranta.


Checking nets and their mesh sizes during a port inspection. Photo by Kukka Ranta.


Working out where things are is all part of the process, especially when inspecting large, busy fishing ports. Photo by Alan Lodge.


The Citizen Inspectors cooperate with enforcement agencies and other NGOs during their investigations. The Wildlife Air Service deploys aircraft and voluntary pilots to track fishing activity at sea. Here Wietse van der Werf, co-founder of the air service, talks to trainees about the benefits of aerial surveillance. Photo by Kukka Ranta.


Trainees sit an exam on the last day of their training, which they have to pass before they can become a Citizen Inspector. Photo by Alan Lodge.


After passing the exam, Citizen Inspectors graduate and are given their CI qualifications with applause all around. Photo by Alan Lodge.

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