Looking back on rowing 2048 km

Remember Frank? This very active member of The Black Fish committed 2014 to something extraordinary; rowing 2048 kilometers for the oceans on a rowing machine at home. Did he make it? Rowing 2048 kilometers is a serious business, which consisted of an impressive 178 work outs, 11.5 kilometers each in not even a years’ time. And needless to add: it hasn’t always been easy.

“Until June 2014 I was feeling fine and rowing was ‘easy’, it became part of my daily routine. But in July I started to get back problems which seemed to increase each day. I had to stop rowing for some time and went to a few therapists. Nothing really helped until I saw a Reiki specialist and two days after that I started rowing again. I made up for the time lost and was back on track before the end of the year.”

On the 28th of December Frank got ready for the final sprint of rowing a non-stop marathon (42.195 meters). With the support of one of his good friends, lots of energy drinks and some of The Black Fish T-shirts, Frank completed this task in 3 hours and 20 minutes. We are just as proud as Frank himself!

Franks’ 2014 rowing adventure not only made him fitter and stronger; Frank also collected over €500 for The Black Fish. We can’t thank him enough for his amazing support!

Note for his biggest fans: Frank will continue with ‘Rowing for the Oceans’ in 2015, he is now training to fulfill a non-stop 100km work-out at the end of this year. You can support him via Twitter and Facebook.

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