The Next Big Five

After reading the book Eating Animals, Belgian Yves Drieghe changed his eating habits overnight and decided to ban all animal products. “I had no idea what the next day would bring (considering dinner) or how my next shopping trip would end (shoes!)”, Drieghe says. To inspire other people he set up The Next Big Five, about five animals that we rarely see – such as salmon and pigs – and the impact of our (food) habits on nature, people and animals. The Next Big Five started out as an online story but has now grown into an exposition in which The Black Fish plays a little part as well.

“All we need to do is introduce an alternative for animal related products like leather, eggs and so on”, Drieghe thinks. “People aren’t bad, they don’t go shopping with the intention of hurting animals. They shop their mayo because they are used to buy the product for some years and they’re used to the price.” Drieghe doesn’t just want to show alternatives to animal related products; he wants alternatives without accepting any loss in comfort, quality or taste. “I love to be well-dressed and will look for good looking lifestyle alternatives. The same goes for plant-based food. It’s at least as good if you find the right spot.”

In the exposition The Next Big Five – about sheep, cows, chickens, pigs and salmon, photography is used to touch on people’s conscience. “I really wanted Jo-Anne McArthur in it because her book We Animals and photos are most inspirational”, says Drieghe. Losing Nemo will be shown as well. “Another powerful way to talk to people is by combining facts with an interesting format. Losing Nemo, the brilliant animation movie The Black Fish made, is the best of both. I learned a lot of facts from it and love to share it at the exposition.”

Drieghe hopes that after seeing his exhibition people realize that there’s an alternative to the everyday animal related product. “All designers, chefs, brands and organizations that collaborated inspire me. I hope they’ll inspire you too. Because they really can.”

More info:

The Next Big Five will be shown at food festival Krachtvoer in Antwerp, 18 & 19 October

Image (c) Cnudde Jan

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