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The Citizen Inspector Network is an international marine conservation programme initiated and operated by The Black Fish. The idea that ordinary citizens can be effectively involved in the monitoring of fishing activity and exposing of potential illegality, is central to the programme. Trained over a four-day course, Citizen Inspectors ensure increased levels of independent surveillance of fishing operations in European seas by carrying out inspections in fishing ports, markets and coastal areas. Collected evidence is then used to aid policy work of other organisations and to initiate prosecution.


The network’s main objectives:

• Training citizens in ship and fishing gear identification through Citizen Inspector courses
• Collect evidence of illegal and destructive fishing practices through field investigations
• Assist other organisations by making collected evidence available to aid policy work
• Initiate prosecution based on the evidence in areas where corruption obstructs enforcement
• Give ordinary citizens a chance to be directly involved in exposing illegal fishing

Further information

This websites gives an overview of various aspects of the Citizen Inspector Network. You can learn more about Citizen Inspectors, the work they are tasked with or apply for training yourself.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected]