The Black Fish is an international movement of ordinary people working towards the conservation of the oceans. As a community we involve many people in our work and in acknowledgement of the fact that all of us may face hardship at some points in our lives, the Hardship Fund was born.

The fund allows The Black Fish as an organisation to support individuals in its wider community, when this is most needed. It is all about caring for each other in times of need and giving back to those who have helped make The Black Fish movement strong.

Who is eligible?

Active volunteers, staff and crew members of The Black Fish and their direct family members or partners are eligible for a possible contribution from the Hardship Fund. In special circumstances individuals active in the wider conservation movement may also be considered.

When can the Hardship Fund help?

Typically the Hardship Fund can help when you are:

– Facing any form of austerity, such as homelessness, debt, personal legal issues.
– Dealing with a medical emergency, especially when costs are not covered by insurance.
– In need of emergency travel funds at short notice, for example to deal with family matters.
– In a grieving process and could really do with some time away.

Let us help you

See how the Hardship Fund can help you or someone you care about: Guidelines (PDF)