The work of The Black Fish is not just confined to our one organisation. We see our work very much as part of a wider movement of people, groups and other organisations that work towards the same goals of protecting the oceans. Here some links to those who continue to inspire us. Know of a link to be included? Email us at

Environmental Justice Foundation Environmental Investigation Agency Global Initiative
Fin Fighters Sea Changers Race for the Baltic
Ocean2012 MedReact Sea First Foundation

Action for Fish
Bluefin Action
Campaign Whale
Changing Ocean Expedition
Community of Arran Seabed Trust
Deep Sea Conservation Coalition
Duik De Noordzee Schoon
Earthrace Conservation Organisation
Fish Elsewhere
Unhooked (Fish in Pain)
Fin Fighters
Fin Free Victoria/British Columbia
Fisheries Secretariat
Global Ocean
How to save the bluefin
Jakarta Animal Aid
Marine Connection
Marine Watch International
Nireas Marine Research
North Sea Foundation

Ocean Defenders Alliance
Ocean Friends Against Driftnets
Ocean Futures Society
Ocean Lifeline
Oceana Europe
Oceanic Love
Oceans 2012
Pew Environment Group
Race for the Baltic
Save Our Seas Foundation
Sea Changers
Sea First Foundation
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Seal Protection Action Group
Seal Scotland
Seas at Risks
Shellfish Network
South Wales Fish Rescue
The Black Fish
Sea Turtle Oversight Protection
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society