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The Black Fish launches orca campaign with coalition

The Black Fish launched a campaign today, as part of the new Orca Coalition, to work towards the release of a captive orca named Morgan, in the Netherlands. Morgan stranded on a sandbank in the Wadden Sea 4 months ago and was taken in by the dolphinarium at Harderwijk. The campaign will focus on raising public awareness of Morgan’s situation and apply legal as well as political pressure to secure her release.

Two months ago a group of internationally acclaimed scientists offered their expertise to help the release effort. A detailed release plan was being worked on until the dolphinarium suddenly made clear that the advice of 7 of their own selected experts would be preffered. The dolphinarium will not make known who these experts are and it seems highly likely that the majority of them comes from within the captivity industry. These so-called experts will inform the Minister too, so he can come to a decision regarding Morgan’s fate. It all points to them preparing for Morgan to be transferred to another facility, possibly SeaWorld. This is totally unacceptable to The Black Fish, especially given that there is a clear option to release her.

In August The Black Fish initiated a coalition which now consists of 7 Dutch conservation and animal welfare organisations with the combined strength and ambition to avoid Morgan’s transfer to another captivity facility and to help release her back into the wild. The coalition launched the campaign for Morgan today in front of the Harderwijk dolphinarium with lots of national media in attendance. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest developments and updates on this incredibly important campaign.

The website of the Orca Coalition: (in Dutch). Organisations in the coalition include: Bite Back, Dolphinmotion, Een Dier Een Vriend, Pink!, Sea First Foundation, The Black Fish and Four Paws.

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