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The Black Fish is an international marine conservation organisation on a mission to change attitudes towards our precious oceans and to work on protecting the unique life within them. By investigating, educating and taking non-violent direct action, we campaign to end illegal and destructive fishing practices and safeguard a future for the plentiful species in our seas.

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Our oceans are dying. Over-exploitation of the marine resources has reached alarming proportions and it is no exaggeration to state that industrial overfishing of our oceans is one of the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time.

The Black Fish is a rapidly growing movement of ordinary people making a difference for the increasingly threatened sea life. We involve volunteers in all areas of our work and offer training and support to people to help them become marine activists. We are on a mission to build a broad public movement to protect the oceans from destructive and illegal fishing activity and need your help to make it happen.

Your involvement can make a difference to the protection of our oceans and we are calling on you to join us and contribute your time, skills and compassion. Join our growing movement today. Follow us through Facebook and Twitter or contact your regional coordinator now to see how you can get more actively involved.

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